Lusardi Construction Company

Jaguar Land Rover Tenant Improvement  

Posted: Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Located in the Chauncey Ranch Automall in Arizona, the Jaguar Land Rover tenant improvement is the first of several renovations for different high-end dealerships that will take place in 2013. Currently under construction, this dealership is updating their facility to meet their latest brand standards and expanding their existing showroom.  The existing 9,000 square foot facility is being renovated with high-end finishes including stone cladding accent walls and interior ACM (Aluminum Composite Materials). The exterior of the building is also being upgraded with a custom entry portal, ACM panels, and a new storefront system. The existing facility has been expanded 2,400 square feet to allow for additional space to showcase their new vehicles.  The construction was meticulously phased out so the dealership could stay in operation during construction activity; the dealership will be fully renovated come March 2013.

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