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Lusardi's Project THE Campus Recognized by the Silicon Valley Business Journal  

Posted: Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A once bleak and conventional office park is now a thriving urban and innovative office space in San Jose known as THE Campus. The extensive renovation turned what seemed to be a hopeless cause into a widely recognized success. So much so, that it was named as a finalist in the 2015 Structures Awards Reuse/Rehab project category by the Silicon Valley Business Journal. You can learn more about the award through the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Bixby Land Company purchased the property in 2012 and partnered with Studio G Architects to redevelop the three aged buildings. The work included the addition of square footage to all buildings, new facades, new curtainwall, and exterior amenities including fire pits, outdoor patios, and bocce ball courts.

This renovation is just one of the many contemporary projects Lusardi has completed with the Bixby Land Company with one just completed in central San Diego called Bixby AERO.