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Construction on the San Marcos High School Continues  

Posted: Friday, November 30, 2012

All the construction movement on the San Marcos High School Reconstruction has become rapidly visible within the last few weeks with new buildings emerging across the main campus. The project is in its 11th month of construction with various stages of concrete work currently being performed on six buildings simultaneously.  The current buildings underway for the main campus are the 247,115 square foot main classroom building, 17,913 square foot shop building, 81,128 square foot gymnasium, 62,232 square foot theater, 8,600 square foot mechanical building, and the 2,600 square foot concession stand.  The main campus is scheduled to be completed in January 2014.

The project has not only sparked the interest of locals but also from DDC Journal, a provider of editorials that brings the masses information about the construction industry.  In the DDC Journal San Marcos High School article, they reported on the construction of the new high school and the skillful team behind such a grand project. You can read the entire article online by selecting the DDC Journal link above.

For those of you with a visual preference, the construction on the project is being documented with time-lapse photography by Studio 3-G.  This technique captures an image of the site every 5 minutes, allowing you to see the progress of the project frame by frame.  You can view the webcam by following the Studio 3-G link.