Lusardi Construction Company

Lusardi Construction Begins Shoring for the Hilton Garden Inn  

Posted: Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Hilton Garden Inn in Palo Alto, California, has officially kicked off the beginning stages of construction. The new four-story, 182,000 square foot hotel, is being constructed on a compact 1.27 acre site.  Because of the constricted area, the project requires a 73,000 square foot subterranean parking structure designed to accommodate 178 vehicles. The complex shoring operation that is required to create the parking structure is now taking shape. The soldier beams, lagging, and tie backs shown in the picture below will be continued down to a total depth of 25 feet below grade. The grader must work in unison with the shoring team to excavate and haul out nearly 40,000 CY of soil.

Shoring Operation In Progress