Lusardi Construction Company

Lusardi Selected to Start Construction at Pacific Ridge School in Carlsbad, California  

Posted: Thursday, February 20, 2014

We are excited to have been selected to begin construction at Pacific Ridge School, an outstanding private school in Carlsbad. The developing campus will soon include a permanent 22,700 square foot middle school building and a 23,000 square foot performing arts building. Grading for the project is set to start as soon as February of this year and both buildings and the site work is scheduled to be completed by Spring 2015. The two-story masonry middle school building will be mainly comprised of classrooms, labs, offices, and a 1,300 square foot reading room complete with custom tiered seating, storage space, and glass sectional doors. The two-story performing arts center will house classrooms, a community hall, nursing facilities, a cafe, and several art studios. Apart from the classrooms and facilities, the studios will have unique finishes that are driven by strict acoustical requirements and include specialty items such as sound absorption panels, reflector panels, linear steel panels, and perforated metal panels. The exterior of the buildings are no less unique than their interiors. A combination of finishes are utilized at the exterior of the buildings including storefront glass, plaster, decorative metal, metal composite wall panels, louvers, and plaster. 

Exterior rendering of the future courtyard at Pacific Ridge School - Carlsbad, California
Rendering Courtesy of Leigh Ann Pfeiffer