Lusardi Construction Company

Seacoast Inn Construction Continues  

Posted: Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Seacoast Inn located in Imperial Beach is coming to life right before our eyes! The completion of the 4,150 cubic-yard foundation pour in September 2011 was quite a feat for Lusardi Construction.  The pour was finished in a remarkable 13 hours; this was all possible as a result of our experienced team and the utilization of innovative technology.  To learn more about this notable pour the case study is available to read on, follow the link below. - Lusardi Construction Company - Seacoast Inn Hotel Concrete Pour

Subsequent to the pour, the new four story beachfront hotel has quickly taken shape with the erection of the steel columns and beams that will support the structure. The steel contours alone display how uniquely designed this boutique hotel is; with the structure’s curvature and expected interior finishes it will blend well with its stunning location steps away from the beach.