The success of any project begins with a diligent preconstruction phase.

We employ a proactive approach.

Lusardi Construction administers the budget development process, provides the owner and design team with timely input on cost and construction alternatives, and monitors the availability of labor and material resources.

Preconstruction Meetings

Lusardi Construction plays an integral role in establishing regularly scheduled team meetings while collaborating on design and construction material. We make it easy for all team members to stay on schedule and up-to-date on project developments.

Trustworthy Estimating

Lusardi Construction manages real-time estimates for all phases of our projects. By analyzing construction cost data, we produce accurate estimates that become increasingly fine-tuned as the design progresses, ensuring we stay within budget.

Value Engineering

We utilize a sophisticated and efficient value engineering system to refine the function and quality of each project. Eradicating unwanted costs, providing constructability reviews, analyzing life cycle and payback, and improving timelines are top priorities that the Lusardi Construction team manages with client collaboration.


Lusardi Construction utilizes a Master Schedule tool to keep the team on track with deadlines. As design development proceeds, our expert knowledge determines how we incorporate material procurement periods, permitting and agency processes, and project milestones into the most efficient timeline possible.

Subcontractor Bidding

We understand the work it takes to make your project a reality, so we have built a team of proficiently qualified subcontractors to ensure clients receive the best value possible.


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