Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa

Project Features


Rancho Valencia Resort Partners LLC


R. Douglas Mansfield Architect Inc


Rancho Sante Fe, CA

Building Area

70,000 sf

The project is a total renovation of the 20,000 square foot clubhouse, 2,500 square foot kitchen addition to the clubhouse, 2,500 square foot Hacienda, 800 square foot Yoga & Spa building, 52 stand-alone casitas, and a 5,000 square foot Corporate Center. The renovation consists of complete interior demolition and new construction with unique high-end finishes (including French limestone slab and floor tile, encaustic tile at the walls, wood flooring throughout and cedar plank millwork) inside all of the 52 casitas.  New spas, a fireplace, and landscaping at the exterior patios were also added at some guest suites. The Hacienda guesthouse was updated with new finishes throughout as well as new bathroom and kitchen fixtures. The clubhouse work includes all new exterior finishes, state-of-the-art kitchen equipment, added terraces, new wine room, new restaurant and updated landscaping throughout 18 acres of the site. The Corporate Center was renovated and completed first to support the on-site resort staff.