Siempre Viva Business Park

Project Features


Murphy Development Co.


Gene Cipparone Architect, Inc.


Otay Mesa, CA

Building Area

2,100,000 sf

The development of the Siempre Viva Business Park (SVBP) began in 1999 and is an ongoing 116-acre corporate and industrial development that will offer 20 build-to-suit facilities totaling 2.1 million square feet. Thus far, Lusardi has completed 19 of the 20 buildings.

The 100 acre mass grading operation was completed in two phases. The East Phase consisted of approximately 40 acres and was completed first while the West Phase consisted of approximately 60 additional acres. Major street improvements were required and included wet and dry utilities, sidewalks, paving, landscaping and striping. The roads were developed to handle heavy traffic through the United States-Mexico border located in close proximity to the business park.

We have performed tenant improvement work in several of the buildings for clients such as: UPS, Sanyo, Pioneer, Bose, Mattel, NASSCO, Kojima, and Circle Foods.