California Highway Patrol – Tracy

Project Features


The Magnon Companies


COAR Architects


Tracy, CA

Building Area

31,324 SF

The California Highway Patrol is a new Area Office encompassing several buildings and site enhancements. The project includes Building A, an Administrative Office Building; Building B, an Auto Service Building; Building C, a combined Radio Vault and Storage Building; and Building D, a combined Storage, Vehicle Evidence Storage and Waste, and Recycling Building. Additionally, there is a Radio Antenna Tower and a Covered Fueling Island. The site improvements comprise a CHP secure parking lot with Solar PV Shade Canopies, emergency back-up generator, a public parking lot, on-site walkways, stormwater treatment areas, frontage improvements with sidewalks, and two drive entrance exits. The 31,300 SF building is built using CMU and is certified LEED Silver.

Building A comprises administrative offices, a dispatch area, a briefing room, an issue room, a staff break room, a public lobby, a conference room, and a locker room.

Building B includes an office area, auto service bays, tool storage, service equipment area, parts storage, new and used tire storage, fluids storage, air compressor, and waste oil storage.

Building C comprises a radio communications vault that serves as a communication hub for the agency. The 140’ high free-standing communications tower is connected to the Radio Vault via a wave-guide bridge. The Building also has an attached Secure Storage Room.

Building D comprises a covered open-air waste and recycling bin storage area, a covered and enclosed Secure Vehicle Evidence Storage Area and additional Secure Storage Rooms.

The new CHP area office serves as the headquarters for officers patrolling the Tracy Triangle area and southwestern San Joaquin County, extending down to the Stanislaus County line and west to Alameda County.


Photo Credit – Pablo Mason