May 23, 2024

Lusardi Construction Company Sponsors Carlsbad Educational Foundation Gala

Lusardi Construction Company had the honor of attending and sponsoring the recent silent auction at the Carlsbad Educational Foundation Gala. The event, held at the prestigious Omni La Costa Resort, was a magnificent evening dedicated to supporting Carlsbad public schools, with a special focus on enhancing science, technology, and music programs.

At Lusardi Construction, we believe in the power of education and the profound impact it has on our community. This is why we are immensely proud to support an organization where 100% of donations directly benefit the Carlsbad Unified School District. The Carlsbad Educational Foundation is a beacon of hope and progress, ensuring that every child has access to the resources they need to succeed academically and creatively.

The gala was a night to remember, filled with inspiring speeches, incredible performances, and a vibrant community spirit. Our team was thrilled to participate in the silent auction, knowing that our contributions will help provide essential educational tools and opportunities for students. From advanced technology in classrooms to enriching music programs that foster creativity, the funds raised will make a significant difference in the lives of young learners.

Together with the Carlsbad Educational Foundation, we are dedicated to building a brighter future for Carlsbad schools. Our commitment to supporting educational excellence is unwavering, as we believe that the success of our community starts with the success of its students. By investing in their education, we are investing in the future leaders, innovators, and creators of tomorrow.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Carlsbad Educational Foundation for organizing such a meaningful event and to all the attendees and sponsors who contributed to its success. It is through collaborative efforts like these that we can truly make a lasting impact.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to support and uplift our local schools. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Carlsbad Educational Foundation and to many more opportunities to give back to our community.