April 16, 2024

Padres Pedal the Cause

Post-event reflections highlight Padres Pedal the Cause as more than just a gathering; it’s a dynamic movement that binds San Diego’s vibrant communities under a singular aspiration: achieving cures within our lifetime. Whether cycling, running, walking, or spinning, each stride is a tribute to those dear to us touched by cancer. Together, our collective zeal transforms into fundraising endeavors, propelling research with the potential to preserve precious lives.

And amidst the camaraderie, let’s celebrate Team Lusardi’s remarkable contribution. With over 100 strong team members in attendance, raising an astounding $29,710. Every dollar raised by passionate participants goes directly towards collaborative cancer research at the leading institutions in San Diego. We take immense pride in bolstering Discovery Grants at Curebound, fostering pioneering initiatives across critical domains such as Prevention and Diagnostic Tools, Novel Therapeutic Platforms, Immunotherapies, Cancer Equities, and Pediatric Cancers.