June 8, 2023

Lusardi Tower Groundbreaking

Thursday, June 8, marked an exciting beginning of construction on the highly anticipated Lusardi Tower, a monumental project named in a heartfelt tribute to Debbie and Warner Lusardi. Their remarkable generosity shines through their lead gift of $25 million, which has paved the way for this visionary endeavor. Set to be a state-of-the-art hospital building spanning an impressive 185,000 square feet, the Lusardi Tower is expected to open its doors to patients in 2029, promising cutting-edge healthcare and enhanced medical services.

As part of this project, the campus will also welcome the esteemed Lusardi Pulmonary Institute, a specialized facility that delivers exceptional pulmonary care. With a focus on treating respiratory conditions and improving patients’ respiratory health, this institute will undoubtedly become a beacon of hope for individuals needing advanced pulmonary treatments and therapies.

Expanding the main hospital’s mother/baby unit is another noteworthy addition in response to the growing demand for exceptional maternity care. This expansion aims to cater to the increasing number of families in North County, providing new postpartum beds and comprehensive services to support mothers’ and newborns’ health and well-being.

The construction of the Lusardi Tower, the establishment of the Lusardi Pulmonary Institute, and the expansion of the mother/baby unit represent a significant milestone in advancing healthcare in our region. It is a testament to the Lusardi family’s philanthropic spirit and unwavering dedication to improving the lives of individuals and families in our community. With each passing day, we eagerly anticipate the completion of these transformative projects, as they are poised to shape the future of healthcare delivery and positively impact countless lives for years to come