October 21, 2020

Lusardi Completes Laboratory Renovation for the FDA in Lenexa, Kansas

“The FDA Lenexa Laboratory is a relocation of the current Kansas City District Laboratory and features a number of upgraded capabilities for the FDA to conduct its mission. The 40% increase over the existing location is a new state of the art laboratory that will service Total Diet and Pesticides Research Center (TDPRC), Pesticides analysis, Chemotherapeutics / LC-MS Poison screening, Mycotoxins analysis, Drugs and Dietary Supplements analysis, Dioxins analysis, Metals / Elemental Specialization analysis, and Laboratory Administration.” -Easterly Government Properties


The project encompassed a renovation and expansion of an existing 35,000 SF building to approximately 60,000 SF. The improvements include a new mechanical room structure, a rooftop equipment penthouse, rooftop equipment screening, additional parking and site improvements, and research and industrial labs inside the building. This is a full-service laboratory with functions that include testing of foods, feeds, dietary supplements, pesticides, and industrial chemicals. The interior space also includes laboratory support areas, hazardous materials storage space, approximately 5,000 SF of clean room area, and office areas.  The user requirements for this facility include emergency backup power, by way of emergency generators, fully redundant HVAC systems, high-purity medical gas systems, and a loading dock space for receiving deliveries. Special systems include closed circuit television, access control throughout the building, and a high-end building management and automation system.


Lusardi deployed in-house carpenter and laborer crews to Lenexa, KS to help assist the project team and subcontractors with related tasks on the jobsite.  By self-performing some of the work, this allowed the project team the most efficient control of scheduling, quality and cost. Lusardi journeymen carpenters, concrete finishers and laborers pride themselves in producing some of the finest finished projects in the industry. 


During the course of construction, weather played a huge factor during the winter and spring months with record amounts of snow, ice and rain. This prevented the project from getting out of the ground and delayed roofing and site finish work during the wet spring. Material delays also played a role in the project schedule as the COVID 19 pandemic forced supplier shops to close or put items on back order. 


“It’s a beautiful thing when a plan comes together. Turnover of the design-build FDA Lab wouldn’t have been possible without our design partners Henderson Engineers & HKS Architects. Great work on this amazing facility.” -Gabe Halsey, Senior Project Manager.