April 19, 2021

transcenDANCE Youth Arts Projects Offers Dance Classes in Brand New Studio Space

Recently completed in Lemon Grove is the new transcenDANCE renovation! The 2,000 SF studio consisted of tenant improvements to an existing ground level space beneath an affordable housing project. 


Interior finishes, along with mechanical and electrical upgrades were added to the space to create an open, light filled area for the non-profit organization. To hide the overhead utilities, the team incorporated triangular shade sails while still keeping the flexibility of the industrial look and feel. 


“transcenDANCE Youth Arts Project (Catherine Corral, Patricia Zigarmi), DTV Designs (Tom Vorkoper), and Lusardi project team Glenn Davis, Superintendent, and myself all worked together seamlessly to bring the organization’s vision to life from ideas to paper to execution. The team held many coordination meetings (virtually, of course) to pick just the right finishes for the space, as this will serve as their first permanent home in the non-profit’s history. Glenn Davis worked successfully with Patricia and Catherine of transcenDANCE to get their vision just right, all while not disturbing the apartment units above the space or neighboring businesses. We are thrilled that transcenDANCE picked Lusardi as their construction partner on this project.” 

– Brent Frickey, Project Manager


Watch video here.